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It's things like these that you can take with you... to prison!

1 November 1986
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Just cos I feel this is an important fact. (credit misty_writes)

Jensen Ackles is love.

This is too.

Rob Thomas' hips are love filth.
by sparklyfiend

Danyl Johnson is fucking amazing love ♥ - x_heymrdj

This is more ^^^^


lorraiiiine - A passionate woman who is often misunderstood. Someone worth taking the time to get to know. A loyal friend if you're fortunate to break through. Someone I worry about and hope I never lose touch with.

jinn_ay - You're a really cool person and I <3 your randomness and stuff. Plus you're a Jim Whore which can't be bad, and Matt obviously. You're an EXCELLENT ficcy writer, and have wrote some of my favourite ficcy's ever. I still think the best chapter ever is the one from the huge fic where Jimmy jerked off in the bathroom, t'was just genius. *grin* Anyway, yeah you rock, lots and lots. xx

sparklyfiend - kate_fkn_does is a fabulous beast, a boyband whore, a Jim whore, and ever so slightly insane ^_^ And, of course, I love her to bits, yes yes <3

llprincesskimll - You are my hero and i look up to and respect you so much. I also love you lots.

_froggy_ - Hi, I started reading kate_fkn_does a few months ago now and I already feel tons better. Her high energy entries have given me new lease of life and even got rid of that embarrasing rash! I'd recomend kate_fkn_does to all my friends!

angiemb - You are a hard nut to crack but once you do get through the tough exterior there lies a heart of gold. As Lucy has said an awesome person, who I love and my girls love. You are generous and you stick up for your friends. You put a brave face on things when sometimes maybe you should just give in, but thats not your style.

All about me!

I have been known to snort sherbert.
I'm prone to random obsessions.
I like getting freebies.
I once jumped into a bush for no apparent reason.
I miss the time when boybands used to sing and dance.
I own On The Line.
Lance from *NSYNC could not act. Fact.
I can speak some Japanese.
I like to talk on the phone... lots.
Airport trolleys are dangerous.
Adam Lambert (not American Idol) is a little sexy. Fact.
I was a little upset than the lucky loos in Wolverhampton train station have been changed.
I hate Sel Balaban, this is a well known fact.
Me and Hikki once got home at two am and left again at half past.
I once got told to stop stealing the stage at CDUK.
I own 25 Jim Carrey DVD's, can anyone beat me?
Me and Hikki walked along a motorway. That illegal don't you know.
Me and Hikki got mugged in Oxford street... well amost.
Hikki saved me from the midnight mugger.
Richard Rashman once mistook me and Hikki for receptionists.
"Melt in your mouth not on the floor".
I love Steve and Dave the National Express drivers.
I was once on a National Express that got lost.
I once got so pissed off with my driving instructor I threatened to crash his car.
Ashley Milson and Jamie Rumble are too famous to exist.
I saw a Pigeon eat it's own foot in a Burger King in Edinburgh.
We once got a police escourt to a Busted signing.
Have been told to get arrested just so I'd have a bed for the night.
Don't be late for a Megabus or it will fuck off without you.
Dom Monaghan is sexual in Lost.
I can drink a pint of orange juice in one go.
I got a free ride on a national express because I don't exist.
Mosh pits are the best place for violence.
"It's things like that you take with you... to prison."
I fucking would Vince Vaughn and that scares me slightly.
Petrol is far too expensive for my liking.
Apparently I can get myself around London better than certain London drivers.
I have a famous car and a famous blanket.
I am better than you. I have been told.
Jimmy Bourne is not as heavy as he looks.
I drove all night with Daisy so she could see Wolverhampton for like ten minutes.
I once mistook Danny Hall for hotel security.
I am bitch.
Misha Collins does not understand the word platonic.
Sparklyfiend has been spreading the love of *NSYNC for longer than I'd care to admit.
I am always the designated driver.
I have more organisational skills than half of those in control.
I once moshed into a wall to Take That.
Doing leg guitar in public places is probably a big no no.
People have been told to trust me... by their therapist.
I once walked four miles to a Tesco when we were drunk...for some Leerdamma and some salmon.
Hikki ran up a street singing Late Night Sauna, me and Kat pretended we didn't know her.
I once got cheer when i drove away from a hotel because of my music choice
Katie cannot look at Matt Cohen...
I am the moodiest person you will ever meet.
Take That's old school hits nearly killed me!
I once had a fascination with rusks... in fact...still do.
At 3am one night at work I did the entire *NSYNC Tearin' Up My Heart dance followed by one to Breakin' Free... much to the annoyance of the all male staff.
We once had a BBQ at work and we took the beer out of Currys in a trolly. Surreal.

Serious!Jim is brooding love.

Insecure Matt is Love
by lapifors

Haaaaa I feel much better now!
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